The DomCo Electronics, Inc. ESP8266 AC Power Switch

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The DomCo Electronics, Inc. ESP8266 AC Power Switch is everything you need to get started with controlling AC mains from an ESP8266. We know dealing with AC can be intimidating for people at times and we wanted to simplify the process of making your own IoT device. Everything you need to control a 100-240VAC 50/60Hz load is built right onto the board. Simply solder on a power Lead and socket of your choice to the Power Switch and the onboard code can get you up and started in minutes. (We have a USA power tail and socket in the optional extras below.) No more needing to wire up an ESP board, a Wall wart, an IoT Power Relay (Power Tail), and a bunch of wires just to control your light or coffee maker.

The AC Power Switch consists of a 100-240VAC to 5VDC circuit as well as a 5V to 3.3VDC circuit. It runs on an ESP-12 MCU which is nicely tucked away in the corner. All unused pins of the ESP-12 are broken out to headers so additional sensors or options can be added to the board and simply stacked right on top. We have even broken out the 5V and 3.3V to the header pins. There are 2 on board User programable LEDS as well. To make sure everything is safe a 10A glass fuse is added between the input and output AC drive circuits allowing the onboard relay to control loads up to 10Amps AC.

We have written some basic code to get people started using it posted the code to GitHub. The code is written in Arduino and easy to use and modify. You can find the link below in the Files/Links section. The guys at GroupGets even designed their own 3D printed case to keep the High voltages protected during use. Check it out below. We have added a link to a project enclose here as well. The circuit board arrives with bare traces on the bottom of the board and for safety it is not recommended to operate the board without it being in an enclosure. We’ve tested these boards in NEMA rated boxes and ran our Christmas light show using them last year.

To find out more information about the programmer check out our GroupGets campaign at DomCo Electronics, Inc. ESP8266 AC Power Switch and let us know what you think about it.

ESP AC Power Switch Specs:

* 2.5" x 0.8"

* External 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input

* On board AC to DC regulators outputing +5VDC and +3.3VDC regulator. (then run all parts on the board and are broken out to the expansion ports)

* All ESP8266 ESP-12 module pins broken out to 0.1" connectors for easy programming and add-on board creation.

* Arduino compatiable

* User programmable on board LED's

* Fused AC and PTC DC Protection.

* Open Source Demo code written in Arduino preloaded and available on gitHub

* Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible