ESP8266 Programmer

(Funded on Kickstarter! Distributors and Direct Sales Welcome)

If you missed out on the kickstarter you can still place your order by contacting us directly. Click on our contact tab to place your order for $30USD plus shipping and handling. The ESP8266 ESP-01 all in one programmer and debugger. Everything you need to program, test, prototype, and debug your ESP-01 project(or other ESP modules). The DomCo ESP Programmer has all the hardware you need to program an ESP-01 module all in a convenient 0.8”x 2.5” stick. The programmer has an on board 3.3V regulator that can be powered by USB or an external supply. It has an onboard USB to UART chip. An auto reset circuit to put the ESP into programming mode without the need for any jumpers. We thought of more then just programming. We also designed the ESP programmer with debugging in mind. The ESP has a breadboard friendly .1” pin spacing breakout of all the ESP-01 pins. We even put four LED’s onboard to help trouble shoot communication and power. To find out more information about the programmer check out our kickstarter campaign and video at DomCo Electronics, Inc. ESP8266 ESP-01 Programmer and let us know what you think about it.

ESP Programmer Specs:

* 2.5" x 0.8"

* External +5VDC input if powered standalone

* On board +3.3VDC regulator for output to breadboard as well as ESP8266 ESP-01 module

* 5VDC regulated input/output (only user for output if powered from raw input)

* All 8 ESP8266 ESP-01 module pins broken out to 0.1" breadboard friendly pin spacing

* Arduino compatiable

* On board LED's

* Fused Mini USB

* Auto reset circuit so nothing special is needed to program and debug your ESP-01 board

* Built in FTDI (USB to 3.3V TTL UART)

* Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible