Mega Cube (Now accepting Pre orders)

(Arduino Mega Compatible)

Come Get them while we still have them. Now available for pre order our version of the Arduino Mega. Ever want more programming space or digital I/O's then a standard Arduino but don't want a larger footprint? Want to embed an Arduino like microprocessor in your next project? Now you can. Here at DomCo Electronics this is what we think the Arduino Mega should be. This variant of the ATMEGA platform has all 100 pins of the Atmel ATEMGA 2560 broken out for use not just the Arduino Compatible pins. This means you can re-flash the Mega Cube and use it with AVR dude or your favorite Atmel software and still have a fully functional standalone ATMEGA 2560 MPU development board. Because we ship the Mega Cubes pre-flashed with the Arduino boot loader and test every unit all you have to do to get started is plug in any 5V FTDI cable or break out board and program away. To find out more information visit MegaDom, Electronics, Inc. for and get all the details about the Mega Cube or Visit the kickstarter campaign at Mega Cube 2.0 Kickstarter and reserve you space in MegaCube history.

Mega Cube Board Specs:

2.1" x 1.8"

16Mhz on board clock

raw input voltage of 6-12VDC (7-12VDC Recommended)

On board 5VDC regulator for board power and external regulated output

5VDC regulated input/output (only user for output if powered from raw input)

All 100 ATMEGA 2560 pins broken out to .1" pad spacing

54 digital input/output pins (14 of which can be used for PWM)

16 8-bit analog inputs

4 hardware UARTS (5VTTL)

dedicated I2C

256K Flash memory