Our Projects

DomCo Electronics, Inc. ESP8266 AC Power Switch is everything you need to get started with controlling AC mains from an ESP8266. Everything you need to build your own IoT device all in one board.

DomCo Electronics, Inc. ESP8266 ESP-01 Programmer is an all on one programmer/ debugger for the the ESP-01 Module. Everything you need to program, test, debug, and prototype your next ESP8266 project.

Mega Cube version 2.0 is our personal take on how an Arduino development kit should be. This 1.9" x 2.1" board has everything you need to produce large scale 8 bit projects over and over again. Ideally suited for the student and hobbyist alike.

Organwise Guys iPhone app is designed to help you inspire your kids to make healthy lifestyle choices by delivering a daily bite-sized video lesson about being smart from the inside out featuring The OrganWise Guys® cast. Your kids will learn about how to make healthy choices related to their well being